This week … school & hospital

I am wrapping up projects that I’ve been meaning to shoot and I better get them done now while students are still on campus for the next 2 weeks : ) I love my job! There are many reasons I enjoy what I do but there are several projects that I always enjoy, Going out to schools and shooting student teachers is fun and I enjoy going to hospitals to shoot nursing students doing clinicals. This week I got to do both! I’ve been meaning to go to a specific area hospital for several months no and just now finally getting round to it, good thing since it was the last day for the nursing students. Each hospital is different, the lighting is the biggest, sometimes I bring extra light, other times I just use the available light. Schools have there challenges as well. I’m sure it is hard to keep students attention as it is and then you have a man come in the room with this huge black camera and all order goes out the window. It is fun though. With one particular student teacher I was shooting, she was going around to students that needed individual help (one on one) the kids caught on pretty quick that when she walked to the different students I would take pictures … pretty soon everyone needed help. It was great for me, because I got some great images.

Here are a few images from the school and hospital ….









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